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“Dawn has done a great job with my brand. I would highly recommend her to any company or individual looking for someone to quickly and efficiently tackle their marketing needs, large or small. I needed her to help me with a wide range of different marketing tasks, and she has applied herself with great efficiency and enthusiasm to all of them. My sales and exposure was able to grow rapidly with the techniques that were used. She helped me understand my target market which helped me spend less effort doing things that was unproductive. In addition, the unique homework assignments that were given to me helped me understand how important a system is and how important my brand really us.”

Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Manny Hall

"Dawn and  Creative Entrepreneur Academy is awesome! They created my site to perfection and are always there with an answer to all of my questions. "

Breanna Apponte, Owner, Shameless Ladies

"While designing my logo, Dawn worked with me to develop the ideas I had and incorporate them into the final design. She completed the project very quickly, which allowed me to utilize the logo much sooner than expected.”

NASCAR driver, Jimmy Weller

“I am so glad I was able to hire Dawn The vision for the company needed a few changes and I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know where to start. I told  Dawn my vision and the direction I wanted to take the company; she went right to work. The new website that was designed was clean and professional and the flyer design was amazing! The Branding and Marketing strategy has helped me get more clients and I’m always booked.”

Drico lamar, Drico Lamar Media Productions

"On behalf of the entire Tyscot Loud family I would like to thank you for the exceptional work you did on the logo. Your work demonstrated excellence in design and creativity. Your services will definitely be utilized in the future."

James Logan, Tyscot/Warner Music Group

Dawn has helped my business in so many ways. She gave my business a new look from flyers and websites to a social media increase. Dawn has helped my company where we lacked knowledge in finding what it is to help achieve short and long term goals. I am so grateful for the company and my decision to go with them.

Shanae Frazier , Body Rocks Dance Studio